In response to customer requests, and knowing just how hard it is to maintain a gluten free diet when traveling or dining out, San-J has created a Travel Pack. This is San-J Organic Gluten Free Tamari packaged in convenient travel-sized sachets. You don’t have to carry around that big bottle of gluten free soy sauce any more. San-J Organic Gluten Free Tamari sachets are packed 20 to a box and, as with San-J’s bottled Organic Gluten Free Tamari, are certified gluten free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization and certified organic and kosher.

I’ve been carrying mine in a zip lock snack baggie, how about you?

Well – San-J is sending me some of these cases, samples of their travel packs and some coupons.

As soon as I receive them I will be announcing a give away. Keep looking!

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The Gluten Free Expo is Back in Dallas!!


The Gluten Free Expo is where there are a bunch of gluten free, allergy friendly companies that come together. Udi’s, Glutino and many other companies will be there!  You can sample some of their food for free!! It is awesome. I’ve been once before and I loved it! You walk around and you try the food you would like to try. You can try different gluten free foods, other gluten free products and other gluten free resources. I am going as a blogger this year and I am very excited. All the stuff there is gluten free!! Here is a list of the sponsors. 

And there are classes you can take. See the list here.

An example of some of the classes;

“Skin Problems & Natural Treatments That Work!

“5 Steps to Healing Your Inflammation”

Don’t miss out!

The Expo is the biggest gluten free and allergen friendly event in the US.



Dallas Market Hall-North Hall (public enters off Market Center Blvd.)
2200 Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75207
(214) 655-6100 or (214) 744-7444



October 28 & 29, 2017

10:00 am –  4:00 pm on Saturday the 28th

10:00 am – 3:00 pm on Sunday the 29th

Free Parking



Click HERE for campus map. Please makes sure you are going to the Market Hall building at the above address. There are many buildings on this campus.





From the EXPO

Safety is Our First Priority

By entering the exhibit hall, you are accepting the following:

The show is not 100% free from any potential allergen, as it is hosted in a multi-use venue. All visitors must be aware of their health situation, take appropriate precautions and carry necessary medication.

The show is meant to meet the needs of people with a diverse array of health conditions. All products are gluten free however, many booths do contain other allergens.

Not all items at the show are certified gluten-free. Also, some items are made in shared facilities but meet certification and government requirements. It is up to each individual to read labels before using, consuming or purchasing products.

You know your health situation better than anyone else. If you are not able to tolerate a product, do not sample.

The products and advice of exhibitors are not endorsed in any way by the show organizers. Show organizers take no responsibility for discussions between visitors and exhibitors, nor for any situation that may occur as a result of those conversations.


This week makes me remember that I’m a member of the Gluten free label police.

Gluten Police!!

The first part of this article was written by my daughter Kari, who shares this page with me. She found wheat in her tea. Then two days later I found in in my cheese.

Great reminder to always check ingredients when trying new things. I felt a headache coming on after lunch so decided to recheck the ingredients on my salad and hummus…they were both fine. Then it hit me to check the tea I’d been drinking, and I found the culprit—it was in the canned MATCHA TEA from TJ’s.

Who puts wheat in tea!? Trader Joe’s does apparently. Buyer beware!! {Kari}

In no way do I want this to read like I’m hating on Trader Joe’s. I love Trader Joe’s. The prices are phenomenal – I feel like I’m shopping with the Hippy’s and don’t get me started on the wine department. But it seems like you really have to watch or read the labels really closely. After my daughter consumed tea two days ago that had wheat added to it, I’m a little label skeptical. So, yesterday when I took out a fresh piece of brie cheese I took a quick glance at the label. Ok, this is cheese. Was I shocked! No way, there is wheat in my cheese.

It just goes to show you how diligent you have to be.
A tool I use is the SHOPWELL app. This free app allows users to simply scan the barcode of 400,000 products for a list of ingredients. It also offers suggestions of other foods that fit with your lifestyle. A new feature lets you buy recommended foods right from the app. In addition to gluten, it has allergy alerts for wheat, peanuts, soy, sesame, eggs, tree nuts, corn, shellfish, milk, lactose, sulfites, monosaccharides, disaccharides and oligosaccharides. And again it’s Free. Now it doesn’t work on in store bar codes like the one on my cheese. But it will tell you if the tomato sauce you just picked up is thickened with gluten. {yes, they do that with cheap store brand sauce – among other things}.

Travel – On The Go Food

One of the toughest part of GF travel is food. Car trips are easier then travel by air or boat when you’re trapped in a closed space. So one of my go to’s is GoPicinic ready to eat meals and snacks.

Four varieties are Gluten free. They are inexpensive and contain a nice assortment of food. Each food item in the box is individually packaged.  I feel that the boxes take up too much room for packing in a suitcase, so I take the packages out of the box.

These aren’t just for travel, they are great to keep at your desk so you don’t go hungry and when you’re running errands and need a snack. New smaller snack packs are also available.

Beef pepperoni slices, creamy Asiago gourmet cheese spread, crunchy multi-grain crackers, sweet + spicy fruit & nut mix, and a long-lasting fleur de sel caramel lollipop for dessert!

Edamame kale dip, crispy roasted plantain chips, ginger zip fruit & nut mix, a sweet & tangy tropical fruit peel-a-part, and two chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

Sunbutter, crunchy multi-grain crackers, unsweetened applesauce, a sweet & tangy tropical 100% fruit bar, and two chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

Black bean dip, crispy roasted plantain chips, Ginger Zip fruit & nut mix, energy-packed edamame seed blend, and a deliciously guilt-free apricot fruit strip for dessert!

GoPicnic meals are all 100% shelf stable, nutritionally balanced, under 500 calories, with no preparation needed. Their products also contain no artificial colors, flavors, trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup, or added MSG.

Looking to find GoPicnic in a store near you? Good news! GoPicnic is now available in Target stores nationwide, most airports, many Regal Cinema theaters, sporting stadiums, and theme parks (Disney), as well as online through Amazon!

Like them on FB as they very often post links for discounts.

And right now –  a better deal. I found this Groupon offer….. GROUPON. $19 for $40 worth of GoPicnic food. And you order directly from GoPicinic.


Getting “Un-lost” at Kroger

I was running errands in a near by town a few days ago. And I friend had mentioned that there was a new Kroger grocery store there. I decided to check out the “Gluten free” isle. Well there isn’t one!

I found some frozen “rye” styled bread and a few other things, but I’m lost. Then I see a clerk stocking shelves.  Where is the Gluten free isle, I ask. Oh.!  we don’t have one. The GF products are in all the isles. That’s very confusing I say. Although, my local store does have a GF isle but GF Soy Sauce is in the Oriental food isle.

So, he asks, what are you looking for{secretly, I don’t know – remember, I’m on a expedition} I blurb out…crackers {I don’t need crackers}. He says- this way. We proceed down the cracker/snack isle. He points to a green sign and says that this is a “new concept” store.

He goes on to explain that all products deemed “healthy” [GF, low sugar, sprouted wheat. etc. } are together in the isles under the green sign. I say, that that is very confusing and he leaves me there shaking his head. Then a light bulb goes of in my head. Why would I be confused ?- I know how to read the GF on the package. I start going up and down the isles looking for the green sign. I find product after product. Now, I had already been in the frozen food isle – I go back, but now, I’m on a mission – the hunt for the green sign. What, not one green sign but three in a row! I find, chicken pot pie, eggplant parmesan and more! I think I like the little green sign……

Review – The Accidental Dinner at Urbanos

Kari and I had reservations for a wine dinner at Jimmy’s Food Store one evening, and the dinner was cancelled. So a very nice gentleman from Jimmy’s not only gave us two bottles of wine gratis but suggested that we take them next door to Urbano’s to have with dinner. So we did. And I am so glad that we  took his advice.

I had eaten there before but Kari had not. This was a real treat.

Urbanos bills themselves and American/Italian Bistro. It’s  a Chef driven restaurant that features a good basic American/Italian menu in addition to, a specialty menu that features local signature offerings with a twist. I asked the waiter to show me what was Gluten-free and he remarked that almost anything can be made Gluten-free per request. Even the Panko Crusted Salmon, they would just leave off the Panko. Why can’t it always be that easy?

As a starter we split the Confit Of Baby Beets Salad – I’m trying to be all about the beets since I know how healthy they are and it was outstanding. We both enjoyed it immensely.

Confit Beet Salad

I ordered off the regular menu and had Pan Seared Scallops with lemon risotto and Dijon cream sauce.

Seared Scallops

Kari chose to order off the nightly specials menu and had Mahi with risotto – it was excellent also.


With so many options it was really hard to make a decision. I’ve already got my pick for a return visit. Italian Sausage Risotto { with Jimmy’s Homemade Italian sausage, San Marzano tomatoes, leeks, pancetta, English peas, asparagus and summer squash .} Oh yea!

Be an insider & signup for the mailing list .  They often have music, happy hours and wine tastings on the back patio. In addition to four course guest chef dinners.


BYOB Policy.

BYOB Corkage Per Person – $5

Urbano Cafe offers BYOB service to all diners. Our secondary dining room, Two Doors Down, offers BYOB to diners and also has a variety of beer and wine by the glass or bottle. For those not dining at Two Doors Down, and for those enjoying appetizers and drinks on The Back Porch, BYOB does not apply.

Wine Dinner at Jimmy’s Food Store

Recently we attended a Wine Dinner at Jimmy’s Food Store in Dallas.  Jimmy’s is an Italian Food Store in Dallas, TX operated by the DiCarlo Family for 50 years. Specializing in Italian Imports of food and wine. They also have an amazing meat market and deli.

I contacted Paul, the owner/manager, and asked if there was a problem preparing our food Gluten-free. Without hesitation he said, “absolutely not.”

Chef Joanne Bondy of Stocks and Bondy prepared the dinner and it did not disappoint.  Dinner menu below.

Chilled Tuna Salad {Ghiotta Style} – Tuna, white anchovies, capers, heirloom grape tomatoes, shaved Parmesan cheese lightly dressed with olive oil and lemon. 

Potato Gnocchi with Lobster Sauce – Paul, the owner manager tried both the fresh Gnocchi that was not Gluten-free and our Gluten-free Gnocchi and remarked that he preferred our Gnocchi (found in the freezer section at Jimmy’s)
Cobb Greek Organic Chicken with Prosciutto and Smoked Mozzarella- Tomato Basil Polenta -Vegetable Marinara Sauce
Amaretto Custard with Fresh Berries

The speaker was Lucio Matricardi. Lucio trained in Viticulture & Enology at the University of Bologna and the University of California at Davis. Lucio’s specialization became the study of baroque and oak aging. He has so much wine knowledge and is such a great speaker.

The wines we tasted were:

Mezza Mezza
Arancio Delalia
rancio Cantadoro
Mezza Teraldogo
Mezza Teraldogo “Nos”
Arancio Hedonis
Rotari Brut

All participants received a signed bottle of Mezza Teraldogo “Nos”.

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