About Gluten-free Dallas

We are a mother-daughter team living the gluten-free life in Dallas, TX. We’ll be posting events, recipes, reviews, products, and much more. We focus on Dallas, because that’s our expertise, however our posts will not be limited to Dallas.

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Our history

Kari (the daughter) was experiencing migraines, among other symptoms, that landed her in the hospital in 2011. After trying many different things she got a stool test done that confirmed a sever gluten-sensitivity. To make the transition easier, Cheryl (the mother) threw out all the gluten and made it her mission to make living gluten free easy and delicious. She refused to let Kari or herself feel deprived by eating a gluten-free diet. Most, if not all, childhood favorites were transformed to be gluten-free. We’ve since found some great and not-so-good restaurants to eat at, and we even traveled coast to coast in Italy without feeling a bit deprived.

Kari has not been to the hospital once for a migraine since going gluten-free. And Cheryl, who once suffered from IBS, has since has a drastic decrease in symptoms (among other things). Both are living happily ever after gluten-free.