This week makes me remember that I’m a member of the Gluten free label police.

Gluten Police!!

The first part of this article was written by my daughter Kari, who shares this page with me. She found wheat in her tea. Then two days later I found in in my cheese.

Great reminder to always check ingredients when trying new things. I felt a headache coming on after lunch so decided to recheck the ingredients on my salad and hummus…they were both fine. Then it hit me to check the tea I’d been drinking, and I found the culprit—it was in the canned MATCHA TEA from TJ’s.

Who puts wheat in tea!? Trader Joe’s does apparently. Buyer beware!! {Kari}

In no way do I want this to read like I’m hating on Trader Joe’s. I love Trader Joe’s. The prices are phenomenal – I feel like I’m shopping with the Hippy’s and don’t get me started on the wine department. But it seems like you really have to watch or read the labels really closely. After my daughter consumed tea two days ago that had wheat added to it, I’m a little label skeptical. So, yesterday when I took out a fresh piece of brie cheese I took a quick glance at the label. Ok, this is cheese. Was I shocked! No way, there is wheat in my cheese.

It just goes to show you how diligent you have to be.
A tool I use is the SHOPWELL app. This free app allows users to simply scan the barcode of 400,000 products for a list of ingredients. It also offers suggestions of other foods that fit with your lifestyle. A new feature lets you buy recommended foods right from the app. In addition to gluten, it has allergy alerts for wheat, peanuts, soy, sesame, eggs, tree nuts, corn, shellfish, milk, lactose, sulfites, monosaccharides, disaccharides and oligosaccharides. And again it’s Free. Now it doesn’t work on in store bar codes like the one on my cheese. But it will tell you if the tomato sauce you just picked up is thickened with gluten. {yes, they do that with cheap store brand sauce – among other things}.

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