Baking Bacon in the oven.

Ever wonder how a restaurants bacon is so evenly cooked and flat. That’s because most restaurants pre-cook their bacon in batches in the oven.

Bacon cooks up wonderfully in the oven. No grease popping on your hand. No turning it over. You’ll be hooked once you try it.

And the best part is you’re going to have bacon already cooked for BLT’s, egg sandwiches, salads and more.

Heat your oven to 400′ if you have a convection oven 425′ if it’s a traditional oven.

Line a rimmed pin with aluminum foil.

Place your bacon on the pan.

Check it after 15-20 min. Be careful to check it every couple of minutes until it gets to the right crispiness for you. – The bacon can go south {burnt} very fast, so don’t leave it too long without checking.

Take the cooked bacon off the pan immediately and drain on paper towels. Let cool and store in zip lock bag in fridge.

Simple clean-up.

Now go make yourself a BLT, put you feet up and don’t forget you have already cooked bacon ready for you to use.

  • For pepper bacon – grind fresh pepper over the bacon just before it’s finished cooking.
  • To re-heat bacon, put bacon on a microwave safe plate on top of a paper towel and cover with another paper towel. Cook for 10-15 sec.  Let bacon cool a few seconds and it will crisp back up.


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