LG Taps – A Neighborhood Bar & Grill


What we first noticed was this sign, it’s at the entrance to the large patio area.

The “girls” were jetting off to Denver the next day so we decided to have dinner the night before. {Check back for Kari’s Gluten free Denver travel guide}

I had read that LG Taps, is Gluten free friendly and that we could actually get a burger with a bun and GF fries from a dedicated fryer.

Ask for Gluten free alternatives

My daughters & I got there around 7:30 and we’re the only ones inside. Turns out this place gets started after dark when the neighbors wander in. Which was evident when we left cause the backyard patio was slammed.

We placed our drink order and I ask the waiter if they do indeed have Gluten free buns. I’ve heard the “we’ve just run out” many a time so I always ask. Well he says “yes” and then  gets a little excited and starts telling us how Chef Chad can make most anything Gluten free. “Do you like fried pickles” he says.  Kari’s eyes widen “yes please”.

Burger w/Gluten free bun & fries

He {wish I got his name} comes back and says “just to let you know if you get fries or anything else that goes in the fryer it’s kept separate and that the Chef keeps everything separate in the kitchen”. Turns out Chef Chads girlfriend has Celiacs and he’s well aware of cross-contamination. See menu here.

We order a Classic burger, a build your own burger {both w/fries} and hummas and a salad. All are excellent. The burgers are juicy and the veggies are all fresh. Spot on Chef Chad. Slam dunk for the Gluten Free Dallas gals…we will be back. And we will order ONIION RINGS!!!

Fried Pickle

The bar has a bit of Greenville Ave history, it was once a residential home in the 1950s. In the ’80s the house was converted to a bar and named “Greenville Avenue Country Club.” complete with a swimming pool which is now filled in. In 1987 it became J. Pepe’s.

The only problem here seems to be parking. I got one of the five spots next to the building, so be prepared to walk a bit or Uber if you live close. FYI – It will be worth the walk…..


Monday – Thursday 4pm – 12am

Friday & Saturday 11am -2am

Sunday 11am – 12am

BRUNCH 11-2 Saturday & Sunday

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