Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar & Gluten Free Bar Food !!


Named after the unincorporated small West Texas town, Ozona Grill & Bar has an award-winning patio that has become a home away from home in Dallas. Saturday and Sunday, enjoy brunch and the Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary {available Saturday & Sunday 8AM-4PM}. Year after year Ozona continues to offer a comfortable atmosphere along with a diverse menu of homemade food, and a large selection of drinks; Ozona fulfills everyone’s burning desire for a good ol’ time.

The two page Gluten free menu include: Cheeses fries, Potato wheels {wheels of potatoes covered with cheddar cheese, bacon, chives, pico, sour cream & jalapeños}. Chili pie, soups, salads, ribs, shrimp, Mexican food. Then add to that Brunch – build your own Omelets & Tacos, Migas and more.

And no, this is not gourmet fare – it’s bar food…but it’s damn good bar food.

Gluten free menu here

Then there’s the patio — which seems to go on and on with tables hidden away in tree-lined nooks and crannies of varying size, multi – level fence so you forget you’re sitting on busy Greenville Ave.

No reservations but they do, accept call ahead seating for large parties. Call about an hour before.

Courtesy of Ozona FB

Ozona is located at

4615 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206. 214-265-9105

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