Review – Mudhen Meat and Greens


I’ve been wanting to try Mudhen – located at the newly revamped Dallas Farmers Market. The problem, I can never get a table …they are always packed when I go! So, this time I invited a few friends and made reservations. OK – I’m in.

All the freshness on the board.

They have a huge selection of healthy food. You don’t even have to think about it, it’s all done for you. All of the food looks so appetizing and is so temptingly {is that a word?} described on the menu. My friends didn’t even know that they were eating healthy and I didn’t tell them til after we ate that it was ALL Gluten free.

Blood Orange Mimosa..delish – get the pitcher and share.

Mudhen even has a “house” nutritionist. They buy local, whenever they can. They are not a Gluten free restaurant but most of the items are naturally Gluten free. They offer a Build-the bowl, where you can mix and match ingredients to make over 40,000 combo’s.  And they have a policy of “just ask” – have a question about an ingredient, “just ask”, want a recipe, “just ask”.

So open, so friendly.

Seating & service:

We arrived on time and were asked to wait a few minutes. I don’t know how many times the hostess apologized for keeping us waiting, she was so sweet. We waited probably 5-7 min. I was fine with that. Remember, I have gone there before and couldn’t get a table. A couple of my friends got anxious, so I went to the hostess and ask “if we didn’t have a reservation, how long is the wait”? Answer, one to one and a half hours. My friends decided our little wait was nothing.

Our waitress couldn’t have been any friendlier and more pleasant. When I asked about a Gluten free bun, she said “we got Gluten free everything” with a little giggle. Where am I – no rolled eyes?

Grass fed burger on GF bun. Sweet potato chips AWESOME!!

Food came out in what seemed like no time. So – hat’s off to the kitchen manager, you’ve got it down.

Stuffed avocado.

Another hit….

Mudhen Migas.

Inside tip – I overheard someone saying that they drove around for 20 min. looking for a parking space.  The new Harvest Lofts are open and the parking garage is free to those visiting the Market. Oh- and go down looking for an empty space, up is for tenants and it’s hard to turn around.

Kimm’s Scrabble.


Mudhen Meat and Greens
900 S. Harwood St.
Dallas, TX 75201Phone: 214-698-7000

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