Mezze Tapas – Review

I’ve been reading about the opening of Mezze, a new Mediterranean restaurant in Dallas located in Mockingbird Station and have anticipated it’s opening. Well last week the Vegetarian daughter and the Gluten free daughter and I ventured there.

What is Mezze? It’s sharable nibbles – think Spanish Tapas, Italian Antipasto and now – Middle Eastern Mezze. At the heart of these ethnically inspired dishes are the shared ingredients that exist throughout the Mediterranean.

We have a habit of ordering several dishes and sharing. This was a great opportunity for that as sharing is what Mezze is about.

Mezze’s Hummas

As a gluten free diner, I always look at the menu before going to a new restaurant and I had several items I wanted to try.

Baked Goat cheese

The first off was Baked Goat Cheese {it’s served with flatbread ask for Malanga Root Chips on the side in its place}. Next came out the Qunioa Falafels – these by far were the best Falafel I have ever had.

Qunioa Falafels w/ grilled lettuce & feta foam

Kimberly – the Veg. daughter ordered Hummas and Tabouli. Yes, you can have Tabouli here because is made from Qunioa  with cucumber, tomato, mint and a hint of citrus and it’s wonderful. *Again order Malanga Root Chips with the Hummas. **Note- they are addictive!

Qunioa Tabuoli
Malanga Root Chips

Kari ordered the Grilled Napa Wedge with Salmon. Again, spot on. Napa just lightly charred, Salmon done just right.

I ordered the Spanish Caesar with Shrimp and must say it was most likely the best Caesar Salad I have ever had. Done just a little differently – whole Romaine hearts, Manchego cheese and white anchovies.  

The GM/Chef Omar, came out and spoke to us. He explained that because they only use fresh ingredients they are able to make or modify most dishes to be Gluten free. And as there is not a dedicated menu yet, he is working on it. He explained that the staff is knowledgeable but when it doubt have the server ask the kitchen, as they are trained in Gluten free cooking and cross contamination. His goal is to be a certified Gluten free restaurant and explained the process to us. And how hard it is to get the certification. However, he has done it before,knows the process and is willing to attempt it.

Overall, this may be my new favorite restaurant in Dallas. The food is bursting with flavors. Flavors that feature fresh locally sourced food at its best. Think pears, feta, almonds, roasted lamb, mint…… Give Mezze a try, you will be glad you did.

Mezze is located at 5321 E, Mockingbird Suite #110, Dallas, Tx (Mockingbird Station)

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