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One of the toughest part of GF travel is food. Car trips are easier then travel by air or boat when you’re trapped in a closed space. So one of my go to’s is GoPicinic ready to eat meals and snacks.

Four varieties are Gluten free. They are inexpensive and contain a nice assortment of food. Each food item in the box is individually packaged.  I feel that the boxes take up too much room for packing in a suitcase, so I take the packages out of the box.

These aren’t just for travel, they are great to keep at your desk so you don’t go hungry and when you’re running errands and need a snack. New smaller snack packs are also available.

Beef pepperoni slices, creamy Asiago gourmet cheese spread, crunchy multi-grain crackers, sweet + spicy fruit & nut mix, and a long-lasting fleur de sel caramel lollipop for dessert!

Edamame kale dip, crispy roasted plantain chips, ginger zip fruit & nut mix, a sweet & tangy tropical fruit peel-a-part, and two chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

Sunbutter, crunchy multi-grain crackers, unsweetened applesauce, a sweet & tangy tropical 100% fruit bar, and two chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

Black bean dip, crispy roasted plantain chips, Ginger Zip fruit & nut mix, energy-packed edamame seed blend, and a deliciously guilt-free apricot fruit strip for dessert!

GoPicnic meals are all 100% shelf stable, nutritionally balanced, under 500 calories, with no preparation needed. Their products also contain no artificial colors, flavors, trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup, or added MSG.

Looking to find GoPicnic in a store near you? Good news! GoPicnic is now available in Target stores nationwide, most airports, many Regal Cinema theaters, sporting stadiums, and theme parks (Disney), as well as online through Amazon!

Like them on FB as they very often post links for discounts.

And right now –  a better deal. I found this Groupon offer….. GROUPON. $19 for $40 worth of GoPicnic food. And you order directly from GoPicinic.


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