Travel – Toaster Bags to the rescue….

Many motels and hotels offer a free breakfast buffet with your stay. When you are gluten free, your choices are limited! Finding something safe to eat can be a challenge and most times preparing your own food is the best option. Even though many motel breakfast areas have toasters that guests can use to toast supplied bread and bagels, these gluten heating machines are definitely off-limits for someone that can’t have gluten.

Not if you have a toaster bag!  GLUTEN FREE HEALTHY CHOICE – These food-grade safe nonstick toaster bags are FDA approved, heat resistant up to 500°F, and eliminate cross contamination for food allergy diets and celiacs.

Just bring your own GF bread, waffles or bagel – take advantage of the individual packs of butter, cream cheese, syrup etc. supplied on the breakfast bar.


Safe travels. FYI – I ordered mine on Amazon.

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