It’s Summer – Bell Peppers Are In Season – Here’s My Way To Cut Them.

This is the way I cut a bell pepper. It’s not a secret way but, I believe it’s the best way to get all the goodness of your pepper. Once you get it prepared, you can cut slices, dice & chop your hearts desire. This method gives you a flat surface to be able to do your thing.

Cut off both ends. Pull out the seed pod. Make a slit vertically. Pull pepper open, remove any remaining seeds. Lay a chef knife on its side. Gradually run the blade down the pepper and remove the white ribs.

Now it’s ready to be cut in to manageable sections and either cut in to stirps, cubed or minced.

This method works well with a Poblano pepper also. Store any unused sections in a zip lock bag for 3-5 days. Freeze if not used within that time.

In the summer when bell peppers are in season and on sale I often buy several and come home and wash them, prep them, put them on a pan, spread them out and freeze them. Then, transfer them to freezer bags so that I have them close at hand when peppers go up an unsightly amount in the winter {this especially goes for the red, yellow and orange variety}.


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