Grub Burger Bar – Review

First of all, why they chose this location is beyond me. The parking is awful. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of a large office building so maybe they were hoping for a captive audience – I don’t know.

Kari and I entered and went to the counter to order. There is no menu on display and all the menu’s are on the order desk so you can not see what to order while you are standing in line. I had to reach around the person ordering to get menus.

We placed our order and said two Gluten-free buns. The cashier mumbled something about “Gluten friendly” and “out side company” bun. Neither of us could understand what she was talking about. We had her repeat it. After the third attempt I said “so what you are saying is you make a Gluten free bun in house but you do have one available that comes from a dedicated bakery, correct?  A hummm, she answered.

Now down to the burger. Grub grinds its own meat –  it contains:  Angus chuck and brisket. All of the sauces and dressings are homemade. We ordered the in house baked Gluten-free bun. My first thought was, if you have celiac, I’d recommend getting the “outside co.” bun {read comment below}. The burger was very good. Juicy without being greasy. The Gluten-free bun was also very good. It’s kinda fell apart when holding it in your hands but that’s pretty common for Gluten-free buns.

FYI- the vegetarian option burger is not Gluten-free as it contains  tabbouleh (that may be served on the side, I didn’t ask – I like meat). And, as we left, I noticed someone else was manning the cash register, maybe he could explain the bun situation better.

They have two Gluten-free bun options, that’s a plus….but….

But will we go back? No. By the time I got home I had tummy issues {further description, not needed}. In checking with Kari, she has fatigue, brain fog and is feeling lethargic, which is her issue when cross contamination is a problem. In hindsight maybe the “in house” bun may have been the problem but there are plenty of other places that serve a good burger where we don’t feel ill afterwards. And since they are going to go to the trouble to offer two types of Gluten-free buns, you’d think that they would train the staff better.

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