Getting “Un-lost” at Kroger

I was running errands in a near by town a few days ago. And I friend had mentioned that there was a new Kroger grocery store there. I decided to check out the “Gluten free” isle. Well there isn’t one!

I found some frozen “rye” styled bread and a few other things, but I’m lost. Then I see a clerk stocking shelves.  Where is the Gluten free isle, I ask. Oh.!  we don’t have one. The GF products are in all the isles. That’s very confusing I say. Although, my local store does have a GF isle but GF Soy Sauce is in the Oriental food isle.

So, he asks, what are you looking for{secretly, I don’t know – remember, I’m on a expedition} I blurb out…crackers {I don’t need crackers}. He says- this way. We proceed down the cracker/snack isle. He points to a green sign and says that this is a “new concept” store.

He goes on to explain that all products deemed “healthy” [GF, low sugar, sprouted wheat. etc. } are together in the isles under the green sign. I say, that that is very confusing and he leaves me there shaking his head. Then a light bulb goes of in my head. Why would I be confused ?- I know how to read the GF on the package. I start going up and down the isles looking for the green sign. I find product after product. Now, I had already been in the frozen food isle – I go back, but now, I’m on a mission – the hunt for the green sign. What, not one green sign but three in a row! I find, chicken pot pie, eggplant parmesan and more! I think I like the little green sign……

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