Blake’s Gluten-free Chicken Pot Pie {A Review}

I was in unfamiliar territory yesterday and I spotted a brand new sparkly Kroger. If I have time I like to pop in to different grocery stores,  and scout out  what Gluten-free products they have to offer, opposed to what is sold at my local small chain . I found a new product {to me that is} in the freezer case. Blake’s Gluten-free chicken pot pie.

Blake’s Pot Pie is made with White Meat Chicken raised without antibiotics, garden vegetables and a Gluten-free crust. Blake’s is made in small batches using organic and natural ingredients.

The Blake family story can ne found here. Made from scratch from 1929.

Blake’s  meals can be cooked in either a microwave oven or conventional oven. They recommend using a conventional oven for the pot pies, as it ensures the crust will cook as it was intended. This is how I prepared mine.

First of all – that smell. The smell from the steam escaping from the crust of then Chicken pot pie as it’s coming out of the oven.  I sat down to eat it and I pushed all that crust in to the bowl so it would sop up the gravy. And the verdict is in – IT’S PRETTY DANG GOOD. Now would I eat it all the time, no. But I wouldn’t eat any frozen product on a regular basis. However it’s “keep it in freezer just in case” good. For those times when you can’t or don’t want to cook. I had mine for lunch and the portion was perfect. That being said, I think for dinner you may want to add a side salad to the plate.

Can’t wait to try the Shepherd’s Pie and Hearty Beef Stew which are also gluten free. They test these meals for the presence of gluten on a regular basis to ensure there is no cross-contact.

Oh – and don’t be surprised, there is NO bottom crust. They’ve been making their pot pies without a bottom crust for over forty years: they’d rather fill the meals with more chicken, veggies and gravy. This  makes the pot pies significantly lower in fat, sodium and carbohydrates than most other pot pies.

Store locator here.

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